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  • fyu12136 (Montag, 25. Dezember 2017 05:36)

    Product P5 outdoor SMD full color LED display
    Module size 160*160mm
    Pixel density 40000dots/m²
    LED lamp SMD2727
    Module resolution 32*32
    Module consumption 25W/pcs
    Viewing distance 5-150m
    Max power consumption 1200W/m²
    Standard cabinet size 640*640mm
    Drive mode 1/8scan
    Brightness ≥5500cd/m²
    HUB mode HUB75
    Drive IC TC5020/SM16107
    Frame frequency ≧60Hz/s
    Refresh rate ≧360Hz/s
    MTTF >5000 hours
    Life time >100,000 hours
    Defect rate <0.0001
    Video signal input RF, S-video, RGB, RGBHV, YUV, YC, composition
    Temperature range Storage -20 to 65°C
    Working -20 to 50°C
    Gray scale/color 4096 grades for R ,G and B
    Display ≥16.7M colors
    Working voltage 110/220V AC
    Viewing angle Horizontal 120º
    Vertical 120º
    Display content videos, pictures and graphics
    Operating humidity 10-90%
    Storage humidity 10-90%
    Continue working time 24 hours
    Warranty 2 years
    Control mode synchronization/asynchronization

    High resolution
    High brightness
    High quality
    High definition
    Cost effective
    Good cooling and easy to install
    Available for customization
    SMD Outdoor Full Color Led Display Modules manufacturers

  • fyu12136 (Montag, 25. Dezember 2017 05:33)

    Qingdao Hailifeng Rigging Co.,Ltd established in 1996, is one of the famous export-oriented processing enterprises in China. The products include more than 300 varieties, among which U.S. High-tensile Forged Shackles and Turnbuckles, Hooks, Chains, Load Binders, Webbing Sling, Lashing Strap, Tie Down, etc. There are more than 150 staffs, and several production lines including 1000T Drop forging hammers, Automatic chain welding machine, Muller loom, Dyeing machine, Mold Making Center, 100T testing machine and other equipments.
    Over the years, the company always adhere to the highest standards of customers' satisfaction and high quality products as a measure of corporate work, and to establish a set of strict and scientific quality control system, a first-class production technology, first-class product quality and strict delivery time, won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers. In the past years, the company's products are mainly exported to North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia and other developed countries. In order to meet the various needs of the customers at home and abroad, the company is actively researching and developing new products.
    Please believe our commitment!lever binder

  • fyu12136 (Montag, 25. Dezember 2017 05:32)

    Product name: Intelligent electric toilet cover membrane switch panel
    Product structure: Line + + + on the surface of the panel adhesive glue line + + rubber septa
    Basic technical parameters: Electrical properties
    1, working voltage: 50VDC 5, the substrate voltage: 2kDVC
    2, working current: less than 100mA 6, the return time: less than 6ms
    3, 0.5~10 / S97 7, loop resistance: 50 Omega, 150 ohm, 350 ohm gear, or the user needs to determine
    4, insulation resistance: 100M ohm (100VDC) 8, insulation ink pressure: 100VDC
    Mechanical properties
    1, reliability and service life of more than 1 million times: 5, silver line no oxidation, no impurities
    2, closed: 0.1~0.4mm displacement (no touch) 0.4~1.0mm 6, silver line width is larger than 0.3mm, * * * small interval 0.3mm, line edge < 1/3 < 1/4, line gap width
    3, health standard for power: 15~750g 7, the standard 2.54 pin spacing 1.27 1.25mm 2.50
    4, silver migration: temperature at 55 DEG C, 90%, 56 hours, two lines of 10M. /50VDC 8, lead wire resistance curve, with d = 10mm steel rod line pressure of 80 times continuously.
    Product characteristics and uses The thin film switch has a good waterproof, dustproof, anti oil, anti erosion of harmful gases, stable and reliable performance, light weight, small volume, long service life, convenient assembly, the panel can be washed without injury characters, rich colors, beautiful, colorful, flexible design, character pattern is not damaged, can be fully reflect the designer and product itself personalized style, small volume, light weight, long service life. The environmental adaptability: working temperature: -30 to 70 DEG C storage temperature: -40 to 70 DEG C Household Electrical Appliances Membrane Switch factory

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    JK Lakshmipat University is the top MBA, BBA, B.Tech University in Jaipur, an era where the world is going digital,mba in digital marketing offered by JK lakshmipat University is
    very much oriented with industry demands.

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    Company Profile
    Hanlux are your best choice for supplying quality LED products from China. we entered into LED lighting in 2009, and enjoyed good sales through main markets as EU, South American, and Mid-East countries. Meanwhile Most of our products now have achieved CE, RoHs, GS conformity, and part certificated by TUV,UL. Warmly welcome to work together with Hanlux.10W COB Sensor LED Flood Light China

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    Iterm:perfume gift box
    purple cardboard perfume gift box with magnet
    Shape:Rectangle, square,circular,oval and other special shape
    Description:Full purple design box with paper tray to fit perfume, warmly and elegant.Gift Box

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    prototype tooling suppliers

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    To the degree the cost and the rationa that "no effect on body weight" In 2003, Japanese specialists scattered an examination in Phytotherapy. This examination isolated the effects of Gluten Free focus on mice over a 4-week time cross. The examination near to passing on: "It was found to have no effect on body weight, stomach fat weight, or serum glucose level." However, Gluten Free has been seemed to have other physiological effects.


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    Oryth is one of the major leading producers and marketers in hand dryer industry and Automatic Soap Dispensers since our foundation at year 2008, we have exported Commercial Hand Dryers and Automatic Soap Dispensers over 30 countries.

    Factory has areas more than 4,800 square meters modernized workshops in High Tech industrial Zone (Xiamen, Fujian), 28 experienced staffs have monthly output more than 4, 000 pieces. The Commercial Hand Dryers and Automatic Soap Dispensers developed by our company are sold well through wholesalers, distributors and online shops all over the world.

    Using advanced technology, elaborate, perfectly designed and developed new generation of "ORYTH" brand dual jet hand dryer and single jet hand dryer. The jet hand dryer using high-speed brushless DC motor, equipped with new electronic control system, quick-drying hands within a few seconds, changed the defect of conventional hand dryer's low efficiency, large energy consumption. The jet hand dryer adopts with new anti-bacterial materials at some important parts, clean and hygiene; the designs are innovative, elegant and beautiful.

    Excellent products with exceeding expectations service make oryth build the widely international market and own lots of loyal customers by offering OEM/ODM services. And the company culture which is respect talents, encourage innovation and stress teamwork spirit make oryth keeping the core competitive advantages among the international brand products.wholesale hand dryer xlerator

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    1. Product Name:
    Copper clutch facing and rivets
    2. Model:
    3. Product feature:
    The non-asbestos copper clutch facing adpots composite fiber, through special threatments with fiber on surface, uses high-temperature resistance resin, anti-wear and friction resistance regulating agent resistant regulating agents,
    4. Application:
    This product suitable to various kinds of passenge cars, trucks and heavy duty trucks.
    5. Related Clutch Facing with Rivetsdiscount Clutch Facing

  • pPpp5202 (Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2017 09:09)

    High carbon graphite

    Brand Item+599+899+199-198-197
    C % ≥9999999897
    VM % ≤
    Moisture % ≤
    Grain Size(mesh)+50 Mesh≥ 75%+80 Mesh ≥ 75%+100 Mesh ≥ 75%+100 Mesh≤ 20%
    -100 Mesh≥ 80%+100 Mesh≤ 20%
    -100 Mesh≥ 80%

    Brand Item+197+196-196+895-297
    C % ≥9796969597
    VM % ≤
    Moisture % ≤
    Grain Size(mesh)
    +100Mesh≥ 75%
    +100 Mesh≥ 75%+100 Mesh≤ 20%
    -100 Mesh≥ 80%+80 Mesh≥ 75%+200 Mesh≤ 20%
    -200 Mesh≥ 80%

    1. Excellent conductivity
    The thermal and electric conductivity of graphite is based on free electrons. This property is determined by the size and the good degree of order of the crystallinity.
    2. Outstanding lubrication properties
    Graphite has an excellent lubrication effect because the layers in the crystal lattice can be easily shifted against each other. The outstanding properties of graphite especially become obvious under high temperatures and pressures.
    3. Resistance to oxidation and cyclic temperature stress
    With its excellent degree of crystallinity, graphite is highly resistant to oxidation and to most chemical agents, which is why graphite is predestined for preferred application in the field of fireproof materials.
    4. Formation of intercalation compounds
    The bonding strength between the layer planes allow the intercalation of certain molecules in the graphite lattice. This intercalation property is the basis for the application of graphite in the fields of special lubricants and rechargeable batteries.
    20 or 25 kg/small bag, 1ton/big bag, 20ton/20'FCL or as customer required
    Delivery Time:
    Within 10 days upon confirming order
    Payment Terms: T/T; L/C

    Welcome to buy high quality and cheap bulk 94-99% high carbon natural flake graphite made in China in stock with our factory - one of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers from China. We have professional plant at your service. You can also get the customized 94-99% high carbon natural flake graphite wholesale service at low price with our producer.NATURAL FLAKE GRAPHITE factory

  • Elbow PE-STEEL Adapter manufacturers (Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2017 12:04)

    Development of the Peoples Republic of China.
    We are looking forward to make the cooperation with you based on our best quality as well as service.Elbow PE-STEEL Adapter manufacturers

  • Marble engraving machine for sale (Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2017 12:04)

    After-Sales Service Team can keep 24 Hours online and reply to you timely.Marble engraving machine for sale

  • enclosed housing slewing drive for Aerial working platform (Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2017 12:03)

    SE25enclosed housing slewing drive for Aerial working platform

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    Welcome to wholesale the quality and discount electrical galvanized steel wire rope 6x12 with high strength from ZHONGYING, one of the largest such manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have many wire ropes in stock in our factory. Please be free to get the free sample from us and we will offer you the most competitive price.Electrical Galvanized Steel Wire Rope manufacturers

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    Luoyang Bearing has been engaged in moment rigid testing platform since 1958, and we are known as one of the leading bearing manufacturers and suppliers for our quality products and excellent services. Please rest assured to buy the good products from our factory.China bearing test suppliers

  • ortjnfd0 (Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2017 05:41)

    The company will revitalize the national industry as its mission, "to cast Chinese brake products, creating the world's brake brand"as the enterprise mission, for Chinese and foreign customers to provide quality, reliable, safe, rest assured that the products and services, to build a security barrier be secure against assault.
    Showroom Photos
    Production Equipment
    Our CertificateChina Conveyor drum brake

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  • hjyxwz (Freitag, 08. Dezember 2017 03:30)

    Our History
    LOVE HOME STONE is a direct manufacturer & supplier of natural marble tile and mosaics, established in 1995, it is the tiles & mosaics brand of 868Group, is a family own company, at the first stage, it is just a very small plant only to make the stone powder and cobbles for construction building companies, after that, it started to make the marble tiles and mosaic tiles, until now, the family owned business has grown, improved and worked hard to become one of the China's largest tile group company.
    Nowadays, Love Home Stone mainly make the Natural Marbles, Granites and Mosaics, to be different from other traditional marble suppliers, we have more than 1000 kinds of choice to meet the needs of different customers and budgets.
    Our Factory
    Love Home Stone has 2 big marble tile factories over China and have its own quarries, one is located in Guizhou China and over 300000sqm, and the other is in Yunfu city with over 20000sqm, the showroom & Export sales center is located in Foshan China, it is over 1500sqm and have more than 1000 kinds of marble samples display.
    Our Product
    Love Home Stone mainly make the Natural Marbles, Granites and Mosaics,we special in the Slabs & tiles, Counter tops, Vanity tops, Stairs, Tables, Columns and Fireplaces,etc. To be different from other traditional marble suppliers, we have more than 1000 kinds of choice to meet the needs of different customers and budgets.
    Product Application
    The Natural Marbles & Stones are always very popular to be used for Palace, Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications, now we offer a complete line of the latest and most fashionable designs for Kitchen & bathroom decoration, Living room & bedroom,Garden & outdoor, Backsplash, Hotels, Resorts, KTV clubs, Swimming pool, Saloon, Restaurant, Subway… Marbles and Stones are the most fashionable and luxury decorating materials and they give the designers most inspiration to create a fantastic world!
    Our Certificate
    All our products are passed the inspection standards included SGS CE, ISO with 100% quality.
    Production Equipment
    Our factory is equipped with imported high technical machine for producing good quality stone,including automatic drying line,gang-saw and red bridge cutting machines,polishing machines and grinding machines, which are the first imported machines among local stone factories. All of them are under the long-term supervision of Oversea experts.
    Production Market
    With more than 20years experience, the family owned business has grown, improved and worked hard to become one of the China's largest Marble & Stone Company, Love Home Stone believes in the value of honesty and integrity, the company values their staff and believes in a fair go for all.
    Now Love Home Stone' s products have exported to more than 100 countries in the world, mainly to United States, Canada, Italy, UK, German, Sweden, Middle East, Australia, South Africa, Japan, ect.

    Our service
    Love Home Stone service
    1)Fastest service
    We could learn about your requirement in the shortest time and reply by e-mail/whatsapp within 24hours on-time customer service
    2)Short production time
    After your confirmation, delivery the goods in 15-25days.
    3)Reliable quality
    At least 3-inspection make order more better and safe.
    Factory inspection before order → details follow up during order →inspection after finished and before loading and shipment.
    We will send pictures or videos for your confirmation for each progress and steps, to make sure 100% correct and good.
    4)One stop service
    We can supply one-stop service for your projects, to save time and cost, include design (ODM & OEM), manufacture, shipment and installation. buy discount natural stone paving

  • hjyxwz (Freitag, 08. Dezember 2017 03:29)

    Lonxen is a professional manufacturer of LED driver and outdoor lights since 2010. And we are staunchly believe in that win the market by
    high quality, leading-edge technologies and the most strict production process, and all products be sure perfect when they arrived in the
    hands of our customers.
    Adequate production capacity is the prerequisite for your delivery on time. In order to do this, we invest a lot of time and effort to achieve the
    entire production process automation, and even to improve the process of playing a screw hole. Now our production capacity is 70K / month.
    Perfect quality is the fundamental to win the trust of the market and customers. For this reason, our senior engineers at the beginning of the
    preparation of several different programs for customers to fully select, so as to establish a final benefit to the customer. And to be done in
    destructive testing to ensure product performance is stable and reliable!

    When the morning sun rises, we are working harder to create more value for our customers!China 150w IP67 LED parking lot light factory

  • hjyxwz (Freitag, 08. Dezember 2017 03:28)

    Basic Info
    Model NO.: LNC1741
    Gender: Men′s
    Type: Bottom
    Usage: Racing, Cycling
    Construction: Short Sleeve/Long Sleeve
    Specification: BSCI WRAP Audited Factory
    Age: Adults
    Material: Polyester/Spandex
    Feature: Breathable, Quick-Drying, Moisture-Wicking, Anti-Static, Anti-UV
    Pattern: Logo
    Trademark: OEM
    Origin: Fujian China
    Product Description
    Description: road cycling pants Cycling Jersey
    Fabric: 100% Polyester plain jersey, birdeye mesh, jacquard fabric
    Pattern: Available pattern for USA and European man, woman and kid Sizes
    Digital Print: Roland print machine use imported ink with bright and deep color expression
    Around 7-10 days, available pattern with complete custom artwork in AI/PDF/EPS format
    Roll Print: 8 Colors heat transfer roll machine, around 10000 meters/day capacity
    Around 30-40 days for bulk production after sample confirmation
    tight gym pants suppliers

  • kanjk8 (Freitag, 08. Dezember 2017 03:06)

    Jolly Sunshine Limited has specialized in plastic industry for over 10 years in China. Our three main business areas are gaming supplies、plastic stationary and packaging material. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the plastic industry in China.

  • kanjk8 (Freitag, 08. Dezember 2017 03:05)

    Pipelines And Transfer Pumpwaterproof and antiseptic polyurea spray equipment manufacturers

  • kanjk8 (Freitag, 08. Dezember 2017 03:03)

    Chemical nameImazapic
    Molecular Structure
    Molecular FormularC14H20N4O3
    Molecular Weight292.3336
    Cas No.104098-48-8
    AppearanceWhite to white powder
    Melting point204~206℃
    Boiling point478.6°C at 760 mmHg
    Package25kg/cardboard drum
    Storage ConditionsCool,dry and hermetic place
    Storage conditions: 0-6 ℃
    ApplicationMethyridyl grass tobacco is mainly used for peanut early seedling after weeding, weeden grass weeds, millet weeds, grass Cassia, snapper, etc. has a very good activity.

  • pandou150 (Freitag, 01. Dezember 2017 08:30)

    Flaxseed Oil Powder/Omega-3 Oil/Microencapsulated Flaxseed Oily Powder
    Thank you for your watching,please feel free to contact with us.We are waiting for your reply!
    Tel:+86-29-6265 1717
    Email:sales@healthfulbio.comBeta-carotene producer

  • pandou150 (Freitag, 01. Dezember 2017 08:29)

    Hangzhou Huasheng Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd, located in Tonglu County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, is specializing in the development and manufacture of high-end EPS, EPP foam machinery and other equipment.

  • pandou150 (Freitag, 01. Dezember 2017 08:27)

    HQ solar Co., Ltd. is located at Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China, which is very convenient for both transportation of railway and sea.

  • wewww89v (Donnerstag, 30. November 2017 05:02)

    Our customers from all over the worldRubber Lining manufactures

  • wle358 (Donnerstag, 23. November 2017 02:39)

    Shenzhen Sunsoar Tech Co.,Ltd

    Shenzhen Sunsoar Circuit Technology is specialized in Printed Circuit Board & PCB Assembly including components sourcing, functional test and complete assembly for clients all over the world.
    All of our base materials and process can meet ROHS and UL international certifications. We stand behind our reputation and have a 100% quality and customer's service promise.If there is any defects for our products, our team will go back to produce a new batch of products that is in conformity with every specification you have requested for.
    Our PCB capabilities range from 1-18 layers prototypes and full production pcb manufacturing , with special features such as blind & buried vias, controlled impedance,heavy copper, via fill and more,Also we can deliver Single-Side PCB and Double-side PCB Prototype within 24 hours, 4-8 layer PCB Prototypes in 3-5 working days.The quick and fast lead time stably ensures our customer of quick research speed to occupying the market.
    For the convenience of better cooperating with our customers, we purchased and reestablished a SMT factory in 2012. By introducing into advanced management system and adding advanced high speed SMT machines, multifunctional SMT machines, 12 wet HALS lead free hot air reflow machine and ICT testing machine facilities, we ensure our customers with high quality, speedy SMT prototype and medium batch quantity services.
    Nowadays, with our 9-year OEM PCB & PCBA experience,we have built up our own Research & Development Department to develop Yunlife Series new smart household finished product such as humidifier diffuser,night light, so that we are able to provide more different customers with more our new mart and healthy products.
    We rely heavily on customer and manufacturing feedback to produce a world-class production,our staff enjoys supporting customers to find a solution to reduce cost of products without sacrifice quality.Sunsoar will be your right choice.

  • Air Conditioning Cannon Hill (Montag, 20. November 2017 07:52)

    Looking for an Air Conditioning Brisbane Specialists? We specialize in the supply and installation of a wide-range of air conditioning products including split- systems, multi- systems and ducted-systems air conditioning systems. Call on 0733427715.

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